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We are a community driven architectural and art practice based in Delhi. We support self-organized communities through collective building of schools, anganwadis and community spaces. Working with farmers, street vendors, waste pickers, home based workers and domestic workers, we have also been using the medium of design to help make planning and public policy accessible. 


We believe that design has the potential to address and solve many of our society’s current challenges but it cannot do that through design alone. The processes of community engagement, listening and learning-by-doing form a major part of our design approach, over finished design products or architectural artifacts. The spaces we help build grow and change with the people who built, use or maintain them, instead of being static or rigid entities. Since 2017, the studio has been working with community based organizations, social workers, activists, academics, lawyers and government organizations, whilst bringing together the diverse stakeholders involved, on ground as well as at a planning level.  


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