Social Distancing strategies for weekly markets



A collaborative initiative as part of the Main Bhi Dilli campaign to support vendors ensure their customers' and their own safety from Covid19 in weekly markets

The ongoing project is based on the team's research on post-Covid public spaces and tactical urbanism. It is a collaborative project with hawker unions, NGOs working on rights of street vendors and other research/design organistions as part of the Main Bhi Dilli campaign - a people's campaign to make planning in Delhi more representative and inclusive by engaging citizens in the 2041 Master Plan process.

The project has involved piloting effective social distancing strategies to help weekly markets reopen in Delhi times of Covid19 using low cost materials. Through trials at Mahila Market and Dilshad Garden in collaboration with organisations working on vendor rights such as SEWA, Janpahal, Wiego, amongst others, effective strategies for demarcating spaces, spreading awareness and improving the vending experience, have been worked out.

The process also led to a collaboration with WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and  Organizing) in the development of manuals and posters for street vendors to help provide guidelines on Covid responsive public health & safety, design strategies for social distancing in natural markets and information on rights of Indian street vendors.

For more information, you can refer to our Open Source section here:

And the Wiego website here:

The Team

Swati Janu

Swati Janu

Anchal Sayal

Anchal Sayal

Nishtha Kashyap

Nishtha Kashyap


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