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Social Design Collaborative is a Delhi based art and architectural practice that works on issues of social justice from housing rights to gender inclusion. Through interdisciplinary collaborations, the team works with under-represented communities who have been left out of development processes, by making planning and public policy accessible to them. The studio also supports self-organized communities through community driven building of schools, libraries, day care centres and community halls. 


The team firmly believes that design has the potential to address and solve many of our society’s current challenges but it cannot do that through design alone. Since 2017, the design studio has been working with community based organizations, social workers, activists, academics, lawyers and government organizations, whilst bringing together the diverse stakeholders involved, on ground as well as at a planning level.


Some recent recognitions of the studio include the Practice Lab grant 2023 by Re:Arc Institute, the Moira Gemmill Award for Emerging Architecture, W Awards 2022 by the Architectural Review, the Beazley Design of the Year Award 2021 by the Design Museum London, the Shelter Award 2018 by the Shelter Promotion Council India and the Buildify Award 2016 by Architecture in Development.


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